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“How Canada can lead the world in innovating innovation” – Prof. Richard Gold publishes in The Globe and Mail

“It is no secret that Canada lags behind its innovation potential, leading firms to be less competitive and Canadians sending more of their money to innovators abroad. More of the same – increasing intellectual property rights, asking universities to lead the way, tax credits that go nowhere – will not work. We need to do […] Read more

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Conférence francophone sur l’intelligence artificielle (Revue de droit de McGill)

La Revue de droit de McGill est très heureuse de vous présenter sa conférence francophone qui aura lieu le 20 novembre à 13h00 au local 312. Cette année, nous discuterons de l’intelligence artificielle. Nos panélistes seront Madame Christelle Papineau, étudiante chercheuse à l’université de Montréal et Maître Éric Léveillé, avocat chez Lavery. De plus, notre […] Read more

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Terroir in a cup (or of wine, place and quality) – Sponsored by the Lallemand Food Law Project

CIPP, the Lallemand Food Law Project and the McGill Food Law Society invite you to a roundtable discussion about the role of terroir and geographical indications in wine law. Matteo Ferrari is an assistant professor of private law at the University of Trento, Italy, where he teaches the law of food and wine. He has […] Read more

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