Recap+Video: The Stakes of Tax and Intellectual Property: A European Approach with Nicolas Binctin

On 23 January, Prof. Nicolas Binctin of the l’Université Paris II and l’Université de Poitiers visited the Faculty of Law for a talk on the topic, “The Stakes of Intellectual Property: A European Approach.” His talk centered on issues of European competition law as concerns tax, intellectual property, and innovation. In particular, he discussed the State Aid cases on tax rulings that are currently center stage at the European Commission. However, the EU itself and the culture around commerce in the Benelux have unfortunately exacerbated the situation notwithstanding the efforts of the European Commission to curb the abuse of IP’s mobility and tax incentives. Last, he expressed hope that the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting project will have an enduring influence on the culture around IP and tax in Europe, commenting that the UK already eliminated its “patent box” and that other initiatives by the EU are on the way to level the playing field as the European Commission has intended all-along.

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