POP Montreal: A Tribute to Sandy Pearlman, by McGill Law Professors and a Graduate

September 16, 2017 • 3:00 PM
POP Box venue (3450 St-Urbain Montréal, QC H2X 1V2 Canada)
September 13, 2017

Sandy Pearlman (1943–2016) was a legendary producer and music industry visionary. As an early proponent of online music distribution, he was thinking creatively about how artists could get paid for online music circulation long before the age of mass streaming and downloading. Pearlman also served as the Schulich Distinguished Chair of music at McGill University and was a well-respected member of Montreal’s academic music community.

This panel will pay tribute to Pearlman while also revisiting his groundbreaking ideas and tracking their evolution against current industry trends. > David Lametti is a law professor at McGill University. > Tina Piper, a member of the CIPP, is a McGill professor whose research focuses on intellectual property law and legal history. > Ian Dahlman is a McGill Law graduate student. >  Laurel Sprengelmeyer is a Montreal-based artist who performs music under the name Little Scream.

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