REGISTRATION NOW OPEN (Focus Week): International Patent and Innovation Strategy seminar with Asa Kling (Mon Feb 19-Wed 21, 3-7PM)

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International Patent & Innovation Strategy (LAWG 554, CRN 18270) is a cutting-edge one credit seminar that will take place over three days (February 19 to 21, 2018), during McGill’s Focus Week. It is designed for law and non-law students and aims at exploring the international and political landscape which directly impacts policy on innovation. Innovation and patenting can be defined by the complex relationship of local territorial needs with the international community.

On the whole, technology innovation policy is a local national practice exercised by national organizations such as DARPA in the US or various national Innovation Authorities in other countries. National practices are influenced by international innovation initiatives by international organizations (such as WIPO, OECD, WTO or WHO) and by bi-lateral collaborations. The seminar will discuss various approaches of such organizations and the innovation promoting tools they install and implement (such as innovation encouragement laws and R&D funding allocation). Patent regulation is an important part of technological innovation policy making. Patenting is a recognized means for promoting the materialization of innovation in its early stages without which its implementation and later on marketing may be adversely affected. The role of the Patent Office in the shaping and promotion of a technological innovation policy will be discussed. Some of the many key considerations with regard to filing and patent drafting strategies which are a result of the shaping of such policy will be exemplified by specific innovation stories on a comparative level (focusing primarily on US, EU and China) and in the context of formative leading fields of technology such as Pharma and Information and Communication Technology.

Asa Kling is a high-profile public servant and was until recently the Director of the Israel Patent Office. He is the CIPP’s 2017-2018 Professor of practice. Asa Kling led several reforms in the Israel Patent Office promoting transparency and reducing bureaucracy while enhancing international collaborations.  Asa Kling’s professorial visit to McGill University has been made possible by the generous support of the Israeli Consulate of Montreal.


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None. Basic knowledge of management, political science or intellectual property is recommended

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