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Le CIPP continue d’investir dans la recherche en droit de l’alimentaire en collaboration avec des partenaires européens

Prof. Cloutier (UQAM) et prof. Moyse (McGill), qui avaient déjà collaboré pour la Food For Law Focus week 2019, participent cette semaine à un projet pilote (Cognac, France) de consortium international qui a pour objectif de traiter des questions de gouvernance de marché et de mise en conformité des produits agro-alimentaires dans un contexte d’ouverture des marchés […] Read more

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IP News April 2019

Top 3 Stories A law firm is preparing to sue 55,000 Canadians on behalf of a Hollywood studio in a so-called “reverse class action”; critics call the process a “litigation mill” that will bully innocent citizens into paying settlements High-priced home cycling service Peloton filed an antitrust suit against the music industry, after copyright complaints forced it to drop Drake […] Read more

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IP News March 2019

Welcome to IP News This Month, your monthly round-up of intellectual property developments, culled from news reports around the globe. Please send any comments toJeff—and tell your friends to subscribe here!  Top 3 Stories The Copyright Directive Cometh: European Parliament passes controversial proposalto create “link taxes” and “upload filters.” The directive, cheered by publishers and jeered by the tech […] Read more


Une escapade à la Cour Suprême

Le 29 mars 2019, quatre étudiants de la Faculté de droit de McGill se sont rendus à la Cour Suprême avec le professeur Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse afin d’assister aux plaidoiries dans l’affaire Keatley Surveying Ltd. c. Teranet Inc. dans laquelle il est question du droit d’auteur des arpenteurs-géomètres et de la Couronne en vertu de l’article […] Read more

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Privacy Revolution: A Look Back

by Prof. Ignacio Cofone On Friday, March 29, the McGill Faculty of Law CIPP and myself hosted an afternoon conference called Privacy Revolution. Bringing together leading experts from academia and legal practice, the conference was an exciting opportunity to explore privacy law’s groundbreaking developments. Specifically, the conference focused on two emerging and hotly debated issues that […] Read more

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Research seminar – Durability and Planned Obsolescence

*Please note NO CLE credit will be offered at this event. Le CIPP invite ses membres à un séminaire de recherche sur l’obsolescence avec notre invitée de marque, la professeure Sophie Bernard (Polytechnique Montréal), spécialiste en économie de l’environnement et des ressources naturelles. Ce séminaire s’inscrit dans le cadre d’un projet de recherche mené au Centre des politiques […] Read more

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Loi + télécoms dans 10, 20, 30 ans…

La Chaire L.R. Wilson en droit du commerce électronique se déplace au centre-ville de Montréal et fera sa troisième activité d’un cycle de conférence sur les lois + numérique dans 10, 20, 30 ans…  (inscription en bas de la page) Maison Manuvie900 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O Montréal, QC H3A 0A8 ******* PRÉSENTATION GÉNÉRALE (ANIMATION) Pr. Vincent GAUTRAIS (CRDP – UDM) […] Read more

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Startup Legals Workshop: Protecting Your IP & Incorporation

When building your startup it is very easy to make legal mistakes. It starts from day one, with not making the deal clear with your co-founder or not choosing the right type of business when incorporating. This topic will only get more complex as your company grows. If you are developing a new technology the […] Read more

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IP News February 2019

Welcome to IP News This Month, your monthly round-up of intellectual property developments, culled from news reports around the globe. Please send any comments toJeff—and tell your friends to subscribe here!  Top 3 Stories Endgame for EU copyright rules: Europe’s controversial Article 11 (“link tax”) and Article 13 (platform liability) have cleared key procedural hurdles, setting up a final vote for […] Read more

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Privacy Revolution

Privacy Revolution is an afternoon conference open to the general public in which privacy leaders from legal practice, the industry, and academia will address the latest developments of the field. This year, the conference will focus on two developments that promise to revolutionize the field in Canada during the next five years: the Right to be […] Read more

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Food Revolutions and the Law of Food – Les enjeux locaux, nationaux et internationaux Monday February 18th, 15h-17h, Room 16 Old Chancellor Day Hall, McGill Faculty of Law, 3644 rue Peel, Free Entry for General Public, Bar Credit for CLE 30$ Food for Law Week will begin with two keynote speakers who will set the […] Read more

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IP News January 2019

Welcome to IP News This Month, your monthly round-up of intellectual property developments, culled from news reports around the globe. Please send any comments toJeff—and tell your friends to subscribe here!  Top 3 Stories U.S. Justice Department indictment accuses Huawei of stealing trade secrets from phone carrier, placing Canada in the middle of a superpower showdown Getting FUCT: In […] Read more


Canned knowledge : Non-compete agreements and labor mobility of highly skilled employees in innovation industries

  For its second edition, the Competition and Innovation Colloquium Series, led by Professor Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse, will focus on the key resource of innovation industries: their human capital. A number of commentators have argued that the labour mobility of highly skilled employees is an important component of regional economic development in high technology industries. In […] Read more


(RIPP) Droit d‘Auteur in the Information Society – Actual Challenges to Copyright for the Digital World

Speaker: Dr. Till Kreutzer, Bureau for Information Law Expertise (i.e.), Hamburg, Germany Abstract: The role of Copyright is changing. By ruling the access to and the use of information, culture, arts and works of entertainment it appears to be the maybe most important field of regulation for the information society. In the course of its […] Read more


(ALAI) Actualités européennes de droit d’auteur

Thème: Actualités européennes de droit d’auteur Les dernières grandes décisions en matière de droit d’auteur qui ont été rendues par la Cour de justice européenne et par des juridictions nationales seront expliquées et, lorsque les circonstances s’y prêtent, comparées avec les développements nord-américains. Les dernières grandes décisions en matière de droit d’auteur qui ont été […] Read more


(RIPP) Art in the Streets: Graffiti’s Challenge to Intellectual Property

Graffiti poses interesting challenges to intellectual property. Come hear how. Bring some questions because our panelists will be around for a Q & A after their discussion. Presenting insightful conversations with: Sterling Downey, Founder/Editor of Under Pressure Magazine Raymond Carrier, MBA, M.Ed, City of Montreal Roadsworth, Notorious Montreal Artist, Karen Crawley, D.C.L candidate, McGill […] Read more


Intellectual Property: A new Law of Property?

This three hour, bilingual continuing education seminar is offered free of charge and will be taught by professors of the Faculty of Law and members of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy (CIPP) of McGill University. Description It is rare to encounter an exchange today that does not involve an intellectual property right. Our society […] Read more


Innover pour abuser? Les interférences entre propriété intellectuelle et droit de la concurrence

Un colloque organisé par le Centre des politiques en propriété intellectuelle de McGill et McMillan. Le Centre des politiques en propriété intellectuelle, sous la direction du Professeur Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse, organise un colloque international visant à explorer les interactions entre innovation et droit de la concurrence sous plusieurs angles. L’inscription est obligatoire   PROGRAMME: 1:30-1:40 Accueil […] Read more


The domain – a Myths and Metaphors Seminar on IP and Private Law

Evoking strong images and marked by history, domain is a polysemous concept shared by private law and the law of intellectual property. The term domain comes from the Latin dominium. It expresses the idea of a person’s power, a person’s domination, and corresponds to owners’ exclusive control over their things, their right to use and […] Read more


“Plagiarism and Technological Evolution”

Speaker : Roberto Caso, Associate Professor of Comparative Private Law at the University of Trento (Italy) aculty of Law – Department of Legal Sciences – LawTech Group. He teaches Private Law & Computer Science and Comparative Intellectual Property Law. Roberto Caso is the author of many books and articles about Intellectual Property, Privacy & Data Protection, […] Read more


Collaborative Innovation in Biomedicine

This conference will cover key issues, challenges and best practices for Collaborative Innovation in Biomedicine, including: How to Create and Manage Consortia for Success Data Contribution, Results Sharing and Enhancement Solutions IP Issues for Consortia-Generated Knowledge Moving from Pre-Competitive Collaboration Back into Competitive Programs Case Studies of Leading Consortia Including Pharmaceutical Company Perspectives on Collaborative […] Read more


Conference & call for papers – Lex Non Scripta, Ars Non Scripta: Law, justice and improvisation

Improvisation is an important art form and an artistic and cultural phenomenon; a manner of speaking, a way of being, and a realm of experience. For theorists improvisation as practice and as idea raise questions not just about how law comes to describe, judge, and regulate improvisation, but the converse: how improvisation might describe, judge, […] Read more