CIPP Quarterly Newsletter – October 2004

We are proud to send you this second newsletter, a great source of information on what’s been going on at the CIPP over the Summer and what will keep us busy during the Fall. To know more about the Centre’s activities, visit and feel free to send us your thoughts.Enjoy your reading!The CIPP Team.


Internet Service Providers and on-line music, SCC tariff 22 decision

In a decision dated June 30, 2004, the Supreme Court held in favour of Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”) in their long-running case against the Society of Composers, Authors and Musical Publishers of Canada (“SOCAN”) regarding the now famous Tariff 22. This important decision clarifies a complex and difficult question over alleged copyright infringement committed over the Internet.
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Agricultural Biotech and Intellectual Property Workshop Report now available

Following its last workshop held in Raleigh, North Carolina, on June 3-4, 2004, “Agricultural Biotechnology and Intellectual Property: A New Framework”, the CIPP is happy to announce the release of a report which summarizes the findings of this important research meeting.
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Technology Transfer Issue Paper now available

Following the CIPP Technology Transfer Workshop held at Blakes L.L.P. in Montreal, an issue paper which lists workshop’s recommendations and conclusions is now available for download.
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Schmeiser vs Monsanto case study

The case study prepared by Professor Wen Adams helps clarify the implications of the Schmeiser vs Monsanto case through the lens of IPMG methodology.
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Coming Events

Léger Robic Seminar Series in Intellectual Property, 2004-2005

The CIPP is pleased to announce the resumption of the Seminar Series in Intellectual Property. The Seminars, supported by the firm Léger Robic Richard, provide researchers, students and members of the business community with a great opportunity to meet and to discuss the issues chosen by the invited speakers, all of them being major legal scholars.
The Agenda for the 2004-2005 academic year is the following:

– October 8, 2004 – Scott Kieff (Washington University in St Louis): “The Case against Copyright: A Comparative International Analysis of Intellectual Property Regimes”

– November 5, 2004 – Jerome Reichman (Duke University): “The Globalization of Private Knowledge Goods and the Privatization of Global Public Goods”

– January 28, 2005 – Sam Trosow (University of Western Ontario): “The Illusive Search for Justificatory Theories: Copyright, Commodification and Capital”

– March 18, 2005 – Arti Rai (Duke University):”Proprietary Rights and Collective Action”
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General Information

Funding available for visiting professors, post-docs and PhD students

The CIPP makes funding available to support Visiting Professors, Post-docs and PhD students interested in participating in a large transdisciplinary research program focusing on intellectual property law and biotechnology at the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy in Montreal. For more information consult the news section of the CIPP Web site.

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