Special edition – Meredith Lectures in Intellectual Property: call for papers

Faculty of Law, McGill University

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Intellectual Property at the Edge: New Approaches to IP in a Transsystemic World, March 17-18 2006

The Faculty of Law at McGill University is calling for submissions of proposals to present a paper at the 2006 Meredith Memorial Lectures. The goal of this conference is to examine cutting edge IP issues through a transsystemic lens. Academics from a variety of disciplines, lawyers and business people will examine practical issues affecting IP systems and will bring together perspectives of both the civil law and common law. The aim is to understand the place of IP law in regulating information production and flows in the arts, social sciences and sciences.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please send a one page biography and a maximum of a one page proposal to the e-mail address found below that fits within one of the following themes: (1) Intellectual Property and Information; (2) Intellectual Property and the Public Domain; (3) Intellectual Property and Open Science; (4) The Origins of Knowledge: the nature of creative activity (5) Place Branding; and (6) Knowledge and Technology Mobilization. Proposals may come from any discipline but priority will be given to proposals with a juridical theme. All proposals must be in English.

The Meredith Lectures Organizing Committee at McGill’s Faculty of Law will review the proposals and make selections based on academic and professional background, the appropriateness of the subject matter, regional distribution, variety of views represented, a balance between common law and civil law traditions, and the overall coherence of panels and of the conference. The Meredith Memorial Lecture 2006 will take place in Montreal, Quebec, from March 17th to March 18th 2006.

Paper proposals must be submitted by Friday, November 18, 2006 to tal.srulovicz@mail.mcgill.ca. However, decisions on acceptance will be made on a rolling basis so applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals early, if possible on or before Friday, October 28, 2006.
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