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The revealed “I” – A conference on privacy and identity, Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa, October 25-27

Do Web 2.0 applications like YouTube empower women, or simply reinforce existing stereotypes?

How do we form our identities in an information age?

What do three Canadian Privacy Commissioners have to say about their summer spent on FaceBook?

Do kids care about their privacy in the wired world?

Should police powers be expanded to expedite the collection of investigatory information in the digital world and should the internet have a backdoor to which the government has a key?

What does privacy mean to marginalized groups?

Should online marketers be able to target individuals with personal information collected about them while they are online?

What are artistic responses to surveillance?

These questions and many others will be addressed at the Revealed “I” conference on October 25/26/27.

Hosted by researchers from On the Identity Trail, the Revealed “I” brings together a stellar collection of leading North American and European research talent from academic, public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Our two-day discussion focuses on the impact of information and authentication technologies on our identity, and on our ability to be anonymous. Offering the perspectives of youth, marginalized persons, artists, advocates, academics, entrepreneurs, and governments, the conference will investigate privacy and performativity, the psychological and social construction of identity, and challenges posed by emerging surveillance technologies.

Preceding this event is a day-long student conference, where students from Canada, the US, and Europe, selected through a peer-review process, will present their own research relating to identity, privacy, anonymity, technology, surveillance, and other related topics engaged by the On the Identity Trail project.

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