Launching of the CIPP wiki – A collaborative platform for drafting a new Copyright Act

A great deal has been written recently about copyright reform in Canada. Canadians have all been reflecting on a variety of copyright-related issues, as these questions and controversies jump out at us in both the traditional and digital media.

Now that the various constituents in this debate have put forward their best cases on various points for potential reform, we have decided at the CIPP to try to provide all participants to have a direct hand in creating a Copyright Act through a wiki platform.

Help us draft a reformed Copyright Act by logging on the CIPP wiki page and giving us your suggested changes and providing good reasons.

Tell us your story, and why that experience ought to be reflected in the Copyright Act. Or add a link to another site or text. While we are looking to produce a coherent Act for the immediate future, if the process works we might press the model into the service of more profound reform in the long term.

Amidst the rhetoric, there is a Canadian balance on the substance that ought to come through. You’ll find that tone reflected in the wiki page: no bells and whistles, just text to help you reflect, and suggest.

The wiki platform will be opened until July 15. The resulting wikified Copyright Act and comments will then be posted on the CIPP website and shared with our members and subscribers.

We are looking forward to reading you!

The CIPP Team

This content has been updated on August 20, 2015 at 17:31.