Toward a New Era of Intellectual Property – Report and case studies


Report of the International Expert Group on Biotechnology, Innovation and Intellectual Property – Podcast of the launch and documents now online

“The era of Old intellectual property – the overuse of patents, copyrights and trade-marks – is ending.”
Richard Gold

The Centre for Intellectual Property Policy is proud to announce that the podcast of the launch of the landmark report by the International Expert Group on Biotechnology, Innovation and Intellectual Property as well as the report itself and accompanying case studies are now available for download.

After seven years of work, the International Expert Group, led by Dr. Richard Gold from McGill CIPP, released its findings and recommendations on September 9 in Ottawa.

The group recognized a critical need to direct the change from Old IP to New IP (i.e. focusing on granting the right amount of IP and better use of it) in order to ensure the appropriate development, production and distribution of medicines, foods and industrial processes (such as the production of clean fuels).

The team, comprised of international experts from the CIPP and outside organizations in law, management, economics, ethics, philosophy of science, political science, medicine and biology, convinced the Canadian government of the importance of this work not only for Canada but for the international community.

With financial support from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the team spent several years building the necessary tools and knowledge of how IP affects innovation of biotechnology so that now, with the end of the Old IP era, policy is able to advance.

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