March 2012 – IPR beliefs (survey)

Dear CIPP friends,

You are invited to participate in this survey intended to lawyers, scholars, innovators, policymakers, lobbyists, activists, and other professionals working in the field of intellectual property.

This survey is part of an academic research project. Its objective is to map predominant normative and causal beliefs regarding IP laws and policies.
More specifically, it investigates a number of correlations between professional experiences and certain IP-related beliefs.

This survey has only 4 sections and takes around 6 minutes to fill.

Your responses are strictly confidential. We do not ask your name or your contact information

To thank you for contributing to this project, the last page will provide you with a web link to access aggregate results of this survey. You will gain new insight on how more than 1000 IP experts around the world approach key issues (Is TRIPs seen as outdated? Who are the most influential individuals? etc.) You remain free to use these data for your own work.

To start the survey, click

Thank you for your participation. If you have any questions on this research project, please contact Prof. Jean-Frederic Morin at

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