Third Private Law Consortium

The CIPP proudly co-sponsored the annual meeting of the 2015 Private Law Consortium on July 6-7. The PLC is a group of leading private law scholars from 6 outstanding international law faculties: Bar Ilan (Israel), Harvard (USA), Pennsylvania (USA), Oslo (Norway), Trento (Italy) and McGill (Canada). The scholars who participate range from some of the most well-respected and prolific private law scholars in the world – Henry Smith, Stephen Smith, Gideon Parchomovsky, John Goldberg, and Abraham Bell – to younger scholars, postdoctoral and doctoral students. The first workshop was hosted by Bar Ilan in 2013, and the second by Penn in 2014. McGill is slated to host this year, 2015, and then Oslo is to host in 2016.
The range of topics varies in any given year across a wide range of private law subjects, from contracts and torts to intellectual property and technology. The papers represent some of the most cutting edge work in private law today. This year was no different, with an outstanding group or participants and papers. There were various perspectives on private law, from law and economics to legal feminism and postmodernism, and scholars engaged each other with seriousness and respect. This year’s papers were on intellectual property specifically, while others touch on IP indirectly.

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