CIPP Seminar in collaboration with Lallemand Inc. : Policy on open access to science : A law and social norms perspective

Speaker’s bio : Prof. Robert Caso is Associate Professor of Comparative Private Law at University of Trento, where he teaches Private Law, Comparative Intellectual Property Law and Private Law and ICTs. He is author and editor of many publications in the field of Intellectual Property, Privacy and Contract Law.


From a scholarly perspective based on communalism, universalism, disinterestedness, originality, and skepticism, copyright law is an unfriendly legal environment. Its inadequacy to new technology, coupled with poorly drafted legislation and a weak system of limitations on exclusive rights, has a chilling effect on scientific innovation.

The Open Access (OA) movement is challenging this state of affairs. While the majority of current discussion about OA focuses on cost and sustainability, other interesting issues emerge, including the relationship among OA policies, formal law, and social norms within the scientific community. This lecture will take a closer look at these underreported aspects of the Open Access story.

Institutional service: member of the Open Access Group (Library Commission of the Conference of Italian University Rectors); delegate of the Rector of University of Trento for open access and policies against plagiarism.

**Bar accreditation: 30$ administration fee is charged.

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