CIPP Seminars Series 2011-2012 – “3500 Footnotes Later: Is it All Patently Obvious Now?”


Professor David Vaver, well known as the doyen of IP law in Canada, Professor Vaver developed the first Canadian IP course in the 70’s and has been deeply involved in legislative reform of Canadian and UK IP legislation. An Emeritus Fellow of St. Peter’s College at Oxford and former Director of the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre, his two texts – Intellectual Property Law (Irwin, 2011) and Copyright Law (Irwin, 2000) – are regarded as foundational treatises.



Professor David Vaver from Osgoode Hall Law School will be speaking to us on the topic of “3500 Footnotes Later: Is It All Patently Obvious Now?”, reflecting on what still needs to be done in the field drawing from his experiences writing his new book on intellectual property law.

The talk will be followed by a light cocktail offered by the CIPP (Common Room – 18 h 30 – 19 h 30).

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