Intellectual Property Week

This year, Intellectual Property will be out in public showing off! The Faculty of Law will host a number of activities over the week articulated under the vast theme of immaterial law in intellectual property (IP). Please join us.

IP Week is organized by the Center of Intellectual Property Policy (CIPP) of McGill University

On the program this year: meetings with practitioners, take-away exhibits, debates between academics, and a guest of honour!


Meet Practitioners

During the first half of the week, practitioners from large Montreal firms will come share their passion and experience practicing law in their respective realms of expertise in IP. We’ll be hearing about trademarks over famous whiskeys and chocolates, property in virtual worlds, infringing Santa Clauses and patents over optical equipment.


Participate in IP debates

Come participate in academic debates featuring well-known thinkers in IP from Canada, the UK and the USA during three engaging and provocative seminars.


Clothesline Exhibits

There will be intellectual property hanging on clotheslines in the Atrium during the week. Early in the week, the works of Albert Camus, a French author who died in 1960, will be on display. His works have recently rolled into the public domain in Canada but not in France. Come grab your copy!

Next, the electro-psychedelic stylings of Misteur Valaire, a Quebec band that offers its work online for a voluntary donation, will be on display in the Atrium. CDs will be available to students for an amount of their choosing. How much will you pay for culture? Should we pay to maintain the public domain as was proposed by Victor Hugo?


Guest of Honour

Finally, on September 15, Guillaume D├ęziel, manager of Misteur Valaire, will be at the Faculty. He will be bringing a custom mixtape of Misteur Valaire material for McGill students, as well as giving a presentation on his innovative business model for the band. Don’t miss this!


Calendar of activities

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