Fifth Transatlantic Intellectual Property Summer Academy (TIPSA)

From June 13th to 17th, the CIPP will host the Fifth Transatlantic Intellectual Property Summer Academy (TIPSA), organized with the University of Western Ontario.
This intensive course has traditionally offered an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to IP, with regard to both scientific research and digital environment, and international aspects of IP enforcement. This year’s edition is loosely focused on “IP and the Arts”.
The aim of the academy is to enhance understanding of various IP issues through a decidedly international perspective and flavour. Attention is paid to the legal, economic and socio-political dimensions of IP, with particular consideration of the connections between IP and technology, the arts, culture and politics.
TIPSA is now a well-established entity, given the five-years of experience gained. If previous editions is a guide, the interest shown by participating students and experts creates a stimulating and pleasant learning atmosphere among participants.

Attention Quebec Bar Members – 10 spaces have been reserved for Quebec Bar Members
Quebec Bar – Accredited number of hours of continuing education: 24 hours
Registration fee: $2,500 Cdn.

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