Intellectual Property: A new Law of Property?

This three hour, bilingual continuing education seminar is offered free of charge and will be taught by professors of the Faculty of Law and members of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy (CIPP) of McGill University.


It is rare to encounter an exchange today that does not involve an intellectual property right. Our society has moved from one based on services and tangible goods to one based on information and intangible goods; one where intellectual property is becoming the new law of property. This seminar will focus on the role and policies of intellectual property in our society today.

The goal of the seminar is to help jurists better understand the strategic choices involved in these proprietary issues from both the business and legal standpoints. The seminar will cover trademarks, royalties, patents, commercial secrets and other forms of intellectual property.



The three speakers, Richard Gold, Tina Piper and Pierre‐Emmanuel Moyse, are full-time professors at McGill’s Faculty of Law. They all teach in the area of intellectual property.

Richard Gold, an expert in the areas of patent law and innovation and transfer of technologies, notably biomedical and agricultural technologies, has been a professor in the Faculty of law at McGill since 2001. He is the founding director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy.

Tina Piper, a graduate of Oxford where she was a research associate at the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre, has been a professor at the Faculty of Law since 2006. She is Research Director at the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy.

Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse was appointed to the Faculty in 2007 and is a member of the Quebec Bar (2000). He recently succesfully pleaded the Supreme Court case Euro‐ Excellence v. Kraft Canada (2007) and he is currently working on a new research initiative titled “Competition Law and Innovation.”

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