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The CIPP’s very own Prof Lametti is now a Member of Parliament! Canadians can expect him to use his formidable copyright chops to address issues like term limits and fair dealing, and help the new government shape a digital agenda More »

Wikileaks released a final draft of the TPP treaty, and not everyone is happy about the proposed IP rules. The EFF scrutinizes sections on longer copyright terms, DRM, new criminal enforcement, and domain name rules – and concludes the draft “confirms our worst fears about the agreement” More »

The decade long Google Books copyright case is over at last. In an opinion penned by IP scholar Justice Pierre Leval, the 2nd Circuit ruled unanimously the book scanning was “highly transformative” and fair use More »


Copyright activists are calling for incoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to halt the implementation of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership More »

The Globe dives deep on the decline of pharma R&D in Canada, which the industry blames on weak patent protection; others question if changing patent terms will really mean more research money More »

United States

The 9th Circuit has resolved the interminable copyright case over Bikram Yoga once and for all, ruling yoga poses fall on the wrong side of the idea/expression dichotomy More »

Janet Jackson apologized to fans after her legal team shut down the Instagram account of fans who had posted videos of her current tour More »

The current patent reform debate puts many universities in what a news reports calls the “awkward” position of siding with the troll lobby as they seek to win “the lottery of blockbuster patents” More »

The hedge fund manager who is using new USPTO review procedures to challenge pharma patents (while shorting their stock) may be getting some traction More »

The Innovation Alliance, a patent lobbying group, persuaded a NYT columnist that the “troll narrative” is simply an excuse for companies that don’t want to pay license fees More »

The NFL pressured Twitter to suspend the accounts of two popular sports sites that post six second GIF’s of highlight plays More »

Popcorn Time, a website some call “Netflix for pirates,” has shut down amid rumors its developers had quit over legal fears More »

Apple must pay the the University of Wisconsin $234 million for infringing patented microchip technology More »

In a novel copyright case, an Egyptian heir tried to assert moral rights in the U.S. against Jay-Z over a “Big Pimping” sample; the rapper won on standing grounds More »

Pandora will pay $90 million to major record labels to settle copyright claims over pre-1972 sound recordings; class action lawyers are still in line for a separate payout More »


Ireland eliminated its infamous “Double Irish” tax haven, but is now introducing a new IP-based tax gimmick that will let tech and pharma firms pay a rate of just 6.5% More »

A new fight over “1984” merchandise led the George Orwell estate to rebut exaggerated claims that it abuses copyright More »

European plane maker Airbus has filed a patent for a way to stack passengers on top of one another More »


As Cuba and the US repair diplomatic ties, media copyright is a special challenge; the island has long treated “cultural output” like TV and movies as a type of free public good More »

The US and major European brands are having second thoughts about a recent decision to remove Chinese mega-market Alibaba from a “notorious markets” list More »

Meanwhile, Chinese officials are drafting new anti-monopoly laws to help “market entities use IP rights properly” More »

A new paper in the Journal of Development Studies is skeptical that IP on agriculture leads to significant technology transfer to developing countries or increased crop yields More »

The Australian High Court, on the heels of similar decisions in the US and Canada, ruled unanimously that a process for isolating a portion of a gene related to breast cancer cannot be patented More »

This month’s Twitter star is lawyer and journalist Sarah Jeong who uses GIFS and art to explain copyright and IP. Follow her @sarahjeong More »


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