Recap: CIPP/Lallemand Seminar: How Influential Are Your Professors? The Role of Academics in IP Politics

On November 24th, the CIPP was pleased to welcome Professor Jean-Fédéric Morin of Université de Montréal to share a presentation about the role of academics and other actors in IP politics. In particular, Professor Morin spoke about the attitudes towards intellectual property rights held by actors in various roles (academia, policy, and practice) and in various jurisdictions (developed and developing countries).

one’s attitudes are highly influenced by one’s role in the system

In particular, he discussed these attitudes in relation to the “paradigm shift’ in IP towards a less restrictive attitude towards the use of intellectual property. Professor Morin’s research has found that the attitudes of academics towards intellectual property rights do not vary significantly amongst those working in developed and developing countries. He did find, however, that one’showinfluentialprofs attitudes are highly influenced by one’s role in the system (i.e.. whether one works with business, NGOs, or government). With regards to academics, he found that their research generates uncertainty. They are generally not sure of the costs and benefits of protecting intellectual property rights. But Professor Morin explained the importance of this voice and this source of research to help other actors guide their decisions in light of the evidence that they produce. We all learned a lot about the roles and attitudes of various actors working in the area of intellectual property policy.

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