Recap on the CIPP/Lallemand/McGill Arbitration Student Society Seminar

On January 20th the CIPP was pleased to partner with the McGill Arbitration Student Society to organize a seminar led by one of our own doctoral candidates, Lukas Vanhonnaeker. Lukas Vanhonnaeker mainly focuses on international trade law and international investment law, and, in this seminar, discussed their intersection with intellectual property law.lukas

Mr. Vanhonnaeker structured his presentation around three questions. First, does intellectual property qualify as foreign direct investment? In his research, he has found that intellectual property rights must meet certain requirements in order to be qualified as investments. Second, how does increased investor protection enhance the dissemination of knowledge? In answering this question, Mr. Vanhonnaeker presented the tension between the need to protect investors and the need for developing countries to acquire and benefit from new technology. And third, how can we reach consistency across intellectual property rights at the bilateral and multilateral levels? To illustrate this problem, Mr. Vanhonnaeker presented the current cases of Philip Morris and Eli Lilly. He suggested that harmonization of intellectual property rights is desirable, but easier said than done!

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