Intellectual Property Policy in the Making Course Recap

During the Fall 2015 semester, Professor Moyse and the Senior Advisor for the Marketplace Framework Policy Branch of Industry Canada, Jean-Arpad Français, convened the Research Seminar: Intellectual Property Policy in the Making. This course stemmed from collaboration between Industry Canada and the McGill Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and was conceived as a way for McGill students to become involved in public policy thinking. Teams of McGill students researched and prepared a thorough report on a topic proposed by Industry Canada and presented said report in Ottawa in December 2015 before a panel of experts and officials (e.g., senior policy analysts, academics, various stakeholders from the industry and decision makers).

This was a unique opportunity for McGill students to showcase their research skills and legal talents. They engaged the community of professionals and policy specialists in bringing their own views and recommendations on important current issues.

The course outline can be found here.

Student Policy Proposals:

Marie-Pier Gagnon Nadeau and Avichay Sharon

Alyssa Wiseman and Jennyfer Pelletier

Alexander Sculthorpe and Kate Goddard

Emma L’Oignon-Giroux and Rosalba Botte

Matthew Chung and Stacey Smydo


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