“How Canada can lead the world in innovating innovation” – Prof. Richard Gold publishes in The Globe and Mail

“It is no secret that Canada lags behind its innovation potential, leading firms to be less competitive and Canadians sending more of their money to innovators abroad. More of the same – increasing intellectual property rights, asking universities to lead the way, tax credits that go nowhere – will not work. We need to do something radically different, building on our diversity, openness and belief in facts to turn our innovation aspirations into reality.

Not only Canada, but the world is reaching an inflection point: As successful as we have been at doing innovation – introducing new products and services – it is becoming more expensive to achieve less. The innovation system that sustained growth in the 20th century has reached what Geoffery West of the Sante Fe Institute calls a singularity: where our own success requires so many resources that the system implodes.”

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