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New Directions in Trademark Law – May 8

On Monday, May 8, 2017, the University of Ottawa is hosting an event titled: Following the Signs: New Directions in Trademark Law. This one-day symposium, organized by Teresa Scassa and Florian Martin-Bariteau, will bring together representatives from academia, government and private practice to discuss emerging issues and new developments in Canadian trademark law.  The full […] Read more

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Recap+Video: The Stakes of Tax and Intellectual Property: A European Approach with Nicolas Binctin

On 23 January, Prof. Nicolas Binctin of the l’Université Paris II and l’Université de Poitiers visited the Faculty of Law for a talk on the topic, “The Stakes of Intellectual Property: A European Approach.” His talk centered on issues of European competition law as concerns tax, intellectual property, and innovation. In particular, he discussed the […] Read more

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IP News March 2017

Welcome to IP News This Month. Here’s your 5-minute guide to all things intellectual property, culled from news reports from around the world. Tips or comments? Send them direct to jeffjohnroberts AT gmail.com. Thanks for reading! – Jeff Top 3 Stories Three cheers for copyright! SCOTUS issues sweeping decision in cheerleader uniform case, rules any design that can be separated from a useful article […] Read more

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Accusations de biopiraterie contre un nouveau médicament antipaludique : entre brevetabilité, légalité et légitimité

De temps en temps nous partageons des travaux « IP News » exceptionnels, écrits pour la classe de Propriété intellectuelle (BUS 502). Vous trouverez celui de Frédéric Bertrand ci-dessous.   En novembre 2015, l’ONG France Libertés a institué une action  en opposition devant l’Office Européen des Brevets (OEB) contre le brevet «Simalikalactone E (SkE) et son utilisation […] Read more

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University Patent Licenses in the CRISPR Era – a talk by Jacob S. Sherkow

CRISPR is a revolutionary advance in biotechnology: it allows molecular biologists to edit cells’ DNA with ease and precision unimaginable even a decade ago. The technology is also the subject of contentious patent dispute between several universities, and governed by a maze licensing agreements among research institutions, nonprofits, biotech startups, and large pharmaceutical developers. Patents […] Read more

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Reconciling Heritage: Working at the Intersection of Intellectual Property, Indigenous Heritage, and Human Rights

The CIPP and the CHLRP welcome George Nicholas, for a discussion of traditional knowledge as Indigenous intellectual property, and his community-based research and human rights activism. George Nicholas is Professor of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada. His research focuses on intellectual property rights and archaeology, Indigenous archaeology, the archaeology and human ecology of wetlands, […] Read more