Francis Lord défend sa thèse avec succès!

Le 28 février 2018, Francis Lord, membre du CIPP, a défendu avec succès sa thèse de doctorat intitulée “The Legal Interpretation of Technology”. Le jury était  composé des professeures E. Judge (U. Ottawa), J. Ellis (McGill), T. Piper (McGill), V. Gautrais (U. Montréal), L. Smith (McGill), A. Latreille (Paris-Saclay) et P.-E. Moyse (Directeur de thèse, McGill).

Francis’s work is remarkable. His unique perspective on the relationships between law and technology is particularly innovative, challenging the idea of the “law lag”. Following in the footsteps of Jasanoff, Latour, Foucault, Heidegger, Ellul, and many others, Dr. Lord revisits the role of law and that of the jurists in shaping our world through the creation of language. Since he joined the CIPP in 2012, Francis has worked relentlessly with us, coordinating scholarly events and managing our scientific agenda. His imagination and production force allow us today to be one of the most respected and active research centers in the world. As a matter of fact, he is the mastermind behind the CIPP Report on Digital Patrimony :

Francis remains a valued member of the CIPP. He is currently working as an analyst for the Library of Parliament.


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