The Economics of Cider – 1st International Workshop

Full bottle of cider with basket of apples

Over the past decade, and around the world, the production and consumption of ciders have become trendy. In many parts of the world, even in areas where it was not traditionally produced, cider is an emerging competitor to beer and to wine, as consumers are attracted by alternative tastings and craft drinks. Cidermakers innovate with new product development, offerings, tastes, and packaging to meet consumers’ demand. These developments have spurred a great deal of interest in better understanding the economic foundations of all aspects related to cider (statistics, history, law, policy, psychology and social sciences more generally).

The workshop is aimed at presenting empirical results using various approaches and methods (case studies, quantitative or qualitative methods) that could examine the following topics, as they pertain to cider production in all parts of the world.

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