Liberté d’expression, une perspective de droit comparé Canada

The report titled “Liberté d’expression, une perspective de droit comparé Canada”, authored by Prof. Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse and researched by the CIPP own François Le Moine and Pierre Luc Racine, was recently published by the European Parliament. This study is part of a broader project that aims to lay the groundwork for a comparison of the legal regimes applicable to freedom of expression in different jurisdictions. It describes the legislation in force and the most significant case law in relation to the notion of freedom expression in Canada. The report also elaborates on the future challenges in this area of law and proposes the solutions.

Prof. Moyse presented the Report at the European Parliament in November 2019. You may find the version in French here.

You may also find the reports submited by experts from other jurisdictions here.

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