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Biotechnology and Intellectual Property: Restructuring for the Public Benefit (Montreal, Canada)

IPMG’s third international workshop was held in Montreal in September 2005. The meeting explored how ideas are translated into policy and focused on the creative uses of IP systems to harness public benefit from biotechnological innovation. Meeting participants included senior individuals responsible for policy development from Canada, the United States and Latin America. Biotechnology in […] Read more

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CIPP Quarterly Newsletter • June 2005

In this issue: + “File-sharing & Music in Canada: Threats, Lies and Digital Tape” by David Lametti + Release of a new WHO report on Genetics, genomics and the patenting of DNA (May 2005) + Release of the background paper to WHO report prepared by CIPP researchers + Release of IPMG’s workshop report: “Health Biotechnology […] Read more

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CIPP Quarterly Newsletter • January 2005

Our team wishes you a Happy New Year! This edition of the newsletter recounts events that made a difference in 2004 and highlights future events for the upcoming year. We are looking forward to a new year of thought-provoking discussions and collaboration that will further significant areas of interest in the field of intellectual property. […] Read more

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CIPP Quarterly Newsletter – October 2004

We are proud to send you this second newsletter, a great source of information on what’s been going on at the CIPP over the Summer and what will keep us busy during the Fall. To know more about the Centre’s activities, visit and feel free to send us your thoughts.Enjoy your reading!The CIPP Team. […] Read more

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CIPP Quarterly Newsletter – May 2004

News Contribution to the Advanced Food Materials Network The Advanced Food Materials Network (AFMNet), funded by the Networks of Centres of Excellence and housed at the University of Guelph, involves a number of intellectual property issues for which a new set of research has to be conducted. The CIPP is in charge of this research, […] Read more