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IP News July 2019

Top 3 Stories A copyright small claims court for the USA? As CASE Act moves forward, creative guilds cheer but public interest groups warn law is ripe for abuse ECJ rules in Metall auf Metall case that unauthorized use of a music sample—even a two second, unoriginal one—is infringement unless the sample is unrecognizable Disney’s new remake marks 25 years of […] Read more

CIPP News IP News this month

IP News May 2019

Top 3 Stories The Canadian government has just introduced a bill to replace NAFTA; the bill includes provisions to extend patent and copyright terms, and increase penalties for trademark counterfeiting  Bitcoin inventor revealed? Two men have each obtained certificates from the Copyright Office in a bid to make the case they created Bitcoin; the Office saysregistration doesn’t establish the author of pseudonymous works This year’s […] Read more