Francis Lord défend sa thèse avec succès!

Le 28 février 2018, Francis Lord, membre du CIPP, a défendu avec succès sa thèse de doctorat intitulée “The Legal Interpretation of Technology”. Le jury était  composé des professeures E. Judge (U. Ottawa), J. Ellis (McGill), T. Piper (McGill), V. Gautrais (U. Montréal), L. Smith (McGill), A. Latreille (Paris-Saclay) et P.-E. Moyse (Directeur de thèse, McGill). Francis’s work is […] Read more


“How Canada can lead the world in innovating innovation” – Prof. Richard Gold publishes in The Globe and Mail

“It is no secret that Canada lags behind its innovation potential, leading firms to be less competitive and Canadians sending more of their money to innovators abroad. More of the same – increasing intellectual property rights, asking universities to lead the way, tax credits that go nowhere – will not work. We need to do […] Read more

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Innovation in Context 2: Scaling Up

The second annual Innovation in Context conference will take place on Saturday, November 18, from 9am – 5pm. This year’s theme is scaling up innovations—scaling up firms to international markets, scaling up the innovation ecosystem, and scaling up diversity. We can’t wait to continue the conversation on innovation in Montreal with our seasoned speakers from home and […] Read more


Municipalités créatrices d’innovations techniques et sociales

Colloque et activité grand public ACFAS 2017! L’avenir des communautés locales:  Municipalité créatrices d’innovations techniques et sociales Mardi le 9 mai 2017 13h30-19h00 Edifice Trottier Université McGill Facebook ( CRIEM ( Read more